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NBA & NFL Stars Mourn Takeoff With Heart-rending Tweets While Jake Paul Urges Youths To Pick Up Fist Fights Instead Of Guns

NBA & NFL Stars Mourn Takeoff With Heart-rending Tweets While Jake Paul Urges Youths To Pick Up Fist Fights Instead Of Guns

Year in and year out, rappers get shot, and we all pour out our hearts on how devastating the incident is. Before we could recover from that trauma, another rapper gets murdered over the silliest instance. And it is recurring right in our faces. Today, it is Migos rapper Takeoff’s tragic demise. The sad incidents got people across the world sobbing.

The sports fraternity, NBA, and NLF stars have poured their heart out to Takeoff, especially his 2 closest families Quavo, who witnesses his murder and Offset. The overriding message in all of these consolations is till when? When will y’all start cherishing life and avoid using guns when they are not needed?

The panic these deaths put in these stars is no joke but somehow they let go after some time just for another murder to happen over a silly disagreement. The sh-tty ghetto life is not helping.

24-year-old NBA player Trae Young, NLF player Alvin Kamara, Jake Paul, Darrelle Revis, and Ric Flair among others also share their tribute to the young Takeoff. All these stars seek an end to these absurd incidents.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul added an interesting piece of advice in his tribute to Takeoff. Paul is urging the youth to opt for fist fights instead of guns to settle disputes. We are grieving but what happen to acting sane and talking over issues like rational beings?

TMZ Sports reports;

Stars from both the NFL and the NBA are mourning Takeoff’s tragic death on Tuesday — with Trae Young and Alvin Kamara both releasing statements in disbelief after the rapper was shot and killed.

Young, the Atlanta Hawks star point guard, tweeted … “No F***ing Way..” Kamara, a Georgia native, added in a tweet of his own, “RIP bra.”

Others in the sports world — including Jake Paul, Darrelle Revis and Ric Flair — paid their respects to the Migos musician after learning of the tragedy as well.

“Senseless killings need to stop,” Paul said on his social media page. “Need to unify. RIP TAKEOFF.”

Added Revis, “our legends are being taken away too soon. a big supporter of Migos. it’s just not good to wake up to news like this.”

Flair — who grew close to Migos over the years — posted his condolences … as well as a picture alongside the rap trio.

Takeoff’s hometown Atlanta Falcons also released a statement … saying, “Takeoff’s legacy lives on in Atlanta and across the world.”

“Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends.”

Takeoff — who just dropped his “Only Built for Infinity Links” album with Quavo — was shot in Houston shortly after 2:30 AM following a dice game at a bowling alley.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ Hip Hop an altercation broke out during the game … and Takeoff was shot and killed. Two others were shot as well.

“To all the youth…,” Paul added in another tweet, “put down the guns and pick up some boxing gloves to settle your differences. Violence is not the answer.”

Sadly, no suspects have been arrested yet, and it’s been a day already. Takeoff was just 28!

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