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Nayas’ Marriage Is On The Verge Of Collapse As Her Husband Allegedly Kicks Her Out Of His House In Germany

Ex-girlfriend Of Nayas' Husband Pours Hot Soup On Him For Dumping Her

It’s reported that Ghanaian actress, Nayas’ marriage is on the verge of collapse as her German-based husband, Nana Sarfo has kicked her out of their home in Germany.

Reports say Nayas got disappointed after she landed in Germany to be with her husband. Apparently, Nayas was expecting her husband to be living in a mansion but to her disappointment, that wasn’t the case.

Since she was disappointed with the abroad lifestyle, she started disrespecting her husband’s tenant and acting strange and started listening to bad friends she met in Germany.

Rumour has it that the man has sacked Nayas from his house since he couldn’t contain her nonsense and immaturity.

Also, it’s alleged that despite being a married woman, Nayas, cheated on her husband with other men while she was living in Ghana.

Nayas doesn’t fit the celebrity category so if she’s wise, she would sit up and better her pathetic life in Germany.

Check the videos and screenshot below…