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Nail Salon West Hollywood

West Hollywood has many nail shops for ladies where celebrities normally go to get a good design on their fingernails and also get a good facial outlook.

It is a vicinity known to be hosting a lot of celebrities so, therefore, nail shop owners always make sure they do a very good job to attract more customers.

Today we are going to focus on Divine Nails and Beauty Spa.

Located at 8250 W 3rd St Ste 202 Los Angeles street, it is actually a big edifice that operates seven days a week. The facility deals in all kinds of nail services for both genders who accidentally had a problem with their nails and also do pedicures and manicures.

Salon and barbering shop

They have a barbering and beauty salon department that gives customers a very good look. They have very professional barbers and hairdressers who know how to design hair and also give you a clean shave should you visit.

Eyelash extension and eyebrows work

They also deal in makeup services mainly for the ladies and media personalities who are preparing to appear on set.

They are also good with eyelash extensions and eyebrow designing, with those who prefer a longer eyelash an artificial one is joined to the natural one to give it a nicer look.

Also, they have professionals who are good at trimming excesses eyebrows and giving them the desired shape.

Makeup department

Their style of doing makeup is one that will always get you coming back as they are able to clear wrinkles and also give you a younger look.


On a normal day, you meet very friendly and busy staff members who use very sterilized tools when attending to people and also ensure the environment is always kept clean.

Payments of services can be done physically or through credit cards. In case one wants to be attended to very quickly you can book an appointment on their site with that you are exempted from joining the queue.

Staffs on duty

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