My Girlfriend Wants Our Wedding To Be Bigger Than Her Friend’s But That’ll Empty My Bank Account – Young Ghanaian Man Cries Out

Couple argue over lavish wedding plans

A 35-year-old Ghanaian man has revealed how his girlfriend whom he is planning of tying the knot with is desperate for a lavish white wedding after attending her friend’s wedding.

According to the young man who shared his story with GhOne TV’s host of “Tales From The Powder Room”, her girlfriend insists they have a lavish wedding with a reason that her wedding should at all cost be bigger than her friend’s.

The young man who’s now confused and doesn’t know what to do disclosed that her girlfriend’s friend’s lavish wedding was sponsored by her rich parents but her desperate girlfriend wants to burden him financially all because she wants their wedding to be the talk of the town.

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Read the full message of this confused young Ghanaian man below:

“Dear Tales,
I’m 35 years of age and engaged to a lady that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Our wedding is due in three months and we agreed on a simple and low budget wedding because our church does not allow extravagant weddings; to the church, such things discourages the young people in the church. This did not bother us because we are both aware of the church’s position.
My wahala started after my lady’s best friend’s wedding in which she was the maid of honor. Tales, she has suddenly decided that she wants her wedding to be like her friend’s wedding or bigger. At first I agreed, but when she brought in a different wedding planner and the figures started rolling in, I realized it was a mistake; and I told my lady why I think we should stick to our original plan since our church doesn’t allow such grandeurs weddings anyway.

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Her reply was that she can’t let her best friend’s wedding be bigger than hers. See, my lady is ignoring the fact that her friend’s wedding was paid for by her parents because they have money and she’s their only daughter so they actually splurged. Don’t get me wrong; I can afford it but it will put a huge dent in my finances. When I mentioned it to her, she told me to take money from my inheritance. This is because I told her of the trust fund my father left me. You see why some men don’t tell their wives about their finances! She’s so fixated on beating her best friend’s wedding so much that she has refused to listen to advice from her mother, our councilors and her own married sister.

The suggestion by our pastor that we can’t have that kind of grandeurs wedding in our church because of the regulation is not even fazing her. She says we should look for another pastor outside our church and pay him to bless our marriage. I have never seen this unreasonable side of her before. I don’t know whether I missed it or it’s just her quest to outdo her best friend that’s bringing out the worse in her. Is it not better to have a beautiful and simple wedding and be able to afford the good things in life afterwards? I’ve decided that if she continues like this any further, I’ll be forced to call off the wedding and the relationship”.