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‘My Girlfriend Now Speaks Like A Man Since She Gave Birth, I Don’t Want To Marry Such A Woman’- Confused Man Seeks Help Online

Man Traumatized After Watching A Woman To Give Birth

A Nigerian man is capitalizing on the flimsiest of excuses to dump his woman. The man claims that his girlfriend now speaks like a man after she gave birth.

According to the man, it’s a turn off for him to hear his girlfriend speak like a man. His post read;

“Good morning bro.. please keep me anonymous, I need the public’s mature advice. Have been dating my gf for 2 years now. I love her and have met her father and mother, I’m close to her mother very good.

My GF became pregnant and she put to bed in January this year. I was assured by her mother I will marry her. But during the pregnancy, my eyes saw some things I was not ready for.

She spits a lot, her face is always oily like she use Ororo and bath. I’m okay with all that but after childbirth now , I have a baby boy thank God. Her voice has changed a lot like it’s very husky and her voice has changed a lot like it’s very husky ar’ 2 manly like she is the man.

We have done the introduction already but the voice is discouraging me from marrying her. My sister is a nurse and she said pregnancy changes women’s voices to be more manly. During s*x now her moan is like a manly tune.

Her voice is even deeper than my own, a lot of girls will say I’m looking for an excuse not to marry her but her voice is now like Barry white bass tune.

Please what do I do? I don’t want to make her feel bad, I’m not sure if she has noticed it. I hate it when she calls my name now I wish she can just use sign language or keep quiet during s*x. I don’t know what to do. I’m thankful she bake a beautiful boy for me”.