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Monkey Causes Stir At A Funeral As It Tries To Wake A Dead Man Who Used To Feed Him While Sobbing

Monkey Causes Stir At A Funeral As It Tries To Wake A Dead Man Who Used To Feed Him While Sobbing

The loyalty of animals is the most adorable thing in the world. Presently, you will see viral videos of dogs and other animals putting their lives on the line to save their owners or people that have been good to them before.

In a recent viral video, a monkey, a langur to be precise attended the funeral of a man that used to feed him. And his attempt to wake this man was unimaginable.

This monkey while the family of the deceased cried was attempting to help his old friend wake. Obviously, its wish, will not come to pass but the emotions shared by this monkey were incredible. And let the family mourn even more.

I am no veggie, but I treat animals the best I can. You should do the same too. You don’t have to eat all animals. Leave some to mourn you when you die.

Via Vlad:

This year, there has been a litany of news stories about Langurs and monkeys of the Rhesus Macaques species and the terror that they have orchestrated all throughout South Asia.

But, through the midst of all the chaos, monkey-vs-human attacks and assaults comes a touching story about a langur monkey and a man who befriended it.

A video clip recently went viral of a langur attending the funeral of a man who used to feed and care for him in their native country of Sri Lanka.

The touching footage depicts the langur standing atop his fallen friend’s open casket during the family viewing. While the family of the deceased could be heard weeping in the background, the concerned langur could be seen gently stroking his old friend’s face before trying to lift his arm as if he were trying to wake him up.

Do you love animals, which animal is capable of mourning you when you die? Your dog or cat?

Here is the video of the monkey with a grateful heart:

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