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Moncler Puffer Jackets: 3 Celebs Huffing and Puffing Their Way Into 2023

Having just celebrated 70 years in high-end luxury designs, this Milan-based house of fashion has
once again taken the world by storm. Could it be a snowstorm? Perhaps! If there is anything these
ready-to-wear designs Moncler is best known for, it would be their puffer coats and jackets being
worn by celebrities from around the globe. There isn’t one country that can claim the most celebs
wearing Moncler because it seems as though there isn’t a celeb out there that won’t don a puffer
when braving the cold. In case you are wondering which three we’ve singled out today, we’ll keep
you waiting no longer.

  1. Kendall Jenner in a Classic Black Puffer

This is one fashion model who is famous for dabbling in the outdoor winter sports. You are as likely
to see Kendall Jenner on the slopes of Aspen in luxury outdoor clothing like a Moncler puffer jacket
as you are to see her on the runway of fashion shows around the globe. Having gotten her fame
while filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendall has never slipped down the slope into
obscurity ever since.


No, it isn’t her famous parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner that keep her in the spotlight but her classic
beauty that shines through no matter what the setting. She is the epitome of everything beautiful
which is why so many fans will be seen this year in Moncler.

2. Will Smith in a Fire Red Puffer


Then there is Will Smith in his own special brand of crazy. In fact, that’s why Moncler teamed up
with Smith just three years ago for their “Genius Is Born Crazy” campaign. Who could exemplify the
iconic crazy like Will Smith? To Will’s credit, he hadn’t been previously taken in by high-end
designers but there is something to be said about Moncler’s puffer coats and jackets.

In what would be a ‘first-ever’ fashion campaign, Will can be seen in a fire red puffer that brings
together his fiery personality with the classic utility of a high-end puffer. No one could do crazy quite
like Smith which is why the campaign was a rousing success.

3. Reese Witherspoon Dons a Hooded Puffer


Then there is a more laid-back version of what it means to be a celebrity when viewing Reese
Witherspoon in a hooded puffer coat. The hood lined with fur is the perfect complement to this
knee-length puffer. Unlike Smith’s fiery version of Moncler or Kendall’s athletic approach, Reese has
a softer, traditional style that shows there is a Moncler for every lifestyle.

Going into their 71 st year of high-end luxury outerwear designs, Moncler has attracted a huge
following among celebrities and their fans alike. Many of their current styles use their classic down
lining that provides the warmth needed on city streets and mountain slopes alike. If you are looking
to head into the winter of 2022-23 with all the warmth necessary to brave those arctic blasts, you
might want to try any of Moncler’s puffers. You’ll be huffing and puffing your way into the New Year
with the likes of these three amazing stars.


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