‘Moesha Burnt Over Ghc50,000 Into Ashes Because Her Pastor Claimed It’s Evil Money’ – Moesha’s ‘Brother’ Tells Salma Mumin In Alleged Phone Call Recording

'Moesha Burnt Over Ghc50,000 To Ashes Because Her Pastor Claimed It's Money From The Devil' - Moesha's Brother Tells Salma Mumin In Alleged Phone Call Recording
Moesha Buduong, Nelson & Salma Mumin

Alleged phone call recording between mentally unstable Moesha Buduong‘s ‘brother’ (PA), Nelson and Salma Mumin has hit online—and the shocking things said in the recording is pathetic. What’s wrong with some men of God?


According to Moesha Buduong‘s ‘brother’, Nelson, in the alleged phone call recording, Moesha Buduong burnt over Ghc50,000—all because her pastor claimed that the money was from the devil.

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The recording has hit online and people are suspecting Salma Mumin to be behind its leakage onto the internet. I thought Salma Mumin and Moesha Buduong weren’t on talking terms, so why and how did she get in touch with her ‘brother’, Nelson?


Over Ghc50,000 burnt into ashes just because a pastor said the money is from the devil? Listen to the alleged audio below…

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