Moesha Buduong’s Latest Photo Freely Displaying Her ‘Goodies’ Trends

Moesha Buduong 'Caught' With A Married Man In A Hotel In Nigeria
Moesha Buduong

To make her feel a little bit happy, Ghanaians mostly refer to Moesha Buduong as an actress even though you and I know that she is not.

But wait, don’t you think Moesha Buduong’s front and back goodies are bigger than the Ghanaian movie industry itself? Yes, you heard me right!

Her goodies, both front and back have taken her to places, graced the beds of the rich, influential and powerful men across the globe.

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Moesha Buduong is actually living a bigger life as a result of her God-given assets. She is indeed utilising the assets very well.

I’m sure on judgement day, God will choose Moesha over me since I’m engulfed in house-to-house gossip evangelism, infesting ears and eyes with undiluted gossip.

Her latest photo describes how God, sorry Dr Obengfo I mean, patiently created her curves and those goodies which are now yielding 1000s of dollars in her bank account.