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Model Sasha Palma Sues Kylie Jenner For $120K For Delay In Payment

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Kylie Jenner is facing legal trouble after a model dragged her to court for a delay in payment back in 2020. According to Sasha Palma, she worked for Kylie’s cosmetic shop twice, in June and August 2020. However, Kylie and her team delayed both payments over 30 days, contrary to their agreement; hence, she is demanding $60K in compensation for each default.

However, Kylie and her team say the case is BS. According to Kylie, they paid Sasha within the 42-day period mentioned in their contract; however, they suspect Sasha’s agent delayed the payment further, and that can’t be blamed on them; hence, they are positive the lawsuit will be a cakewalk.

Kylie Jenner’s team further added that after their 2020 contract ended, Sasha made several approaches to work with them further but was rejected; hence, the lawsuit is frivolous.

HotNewHipHop Reports;

Kylie Jenner’s company is facing a lawsuit filed by a model named Sasha Palma. She alleges that she was not paid on time for a couple of photo shoots. Now, she is now seeking a six-figure compensation. The lawsuit was obtained by TMZ, and it reveals the details of the case. According to the suit, Sasha claims that she was hired by Kylie’s company for two separate photo shoots. Both of said shoots were to promote Kylie’s cosmetic products.

The first shoot for Kylie’s cosmetic brand took place in June 2020. Sasha states that she was supposed to receive a payment of $2,000 by early July. However, she alleges that the payment was delayed by over 30 days. This led her to demand penalties amounting to $60,000. The same situation reportedly occurred with a second one-day photo shoot in August 2020. Sasha claims she did not receive her $2,000 payment until more than 30 days past the deadline. She says this entitles her to another $60,000 in penalties

Kylie Jenner and her representatives have, of course, denied the allegations by the model. . A representative for Kylie’s brand responded to the allegations, stating that the model was actually paid within the NET 45-day period as specified in her invoice for both shoots. Sasha is seeking a total of $120,000 in damages from Kylie’s company. However, Kylie’s representative claims to possess supporting documentation to show they paid on time.

Additionally, a source close to Kylie suggests that it is possible the model’s agent may have held back payment. This would imply that the responsibility lies outside of Kylie’s company. The source also reveals that the model requested a letter of recommendation from Kylie’s brand. However, they declined to provide it to her. Furthermore, the model’s team allegedly attempted to secure more work with Kylie’s company following the 2020 photo shoots. As such, the case isn’t looking so good for the model. What do you think about the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

If Kylie Jenner’s position on the issue is true, then Sasha is about to give her lawyer some free money. Meanwhile, we can’t blindly believe Jenner; hence, we will allow the court to do its job. So stay tuned while we follow this case closely for further details.

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