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#MeToo Hits Comedian Bill Murray Again As Gina Davis Accuses Him Of Assault Following His Recent 100K Settlement To An Unknown Actress For Same Crime

#MeToo Hits Comedian Bill Murray Again As Gina Davis Accuses Him Of Assault Following His Recent 100K Settlement To An Unknown Actress For Same Crime

So #MeToo never dies, once you decide to be a j-rk, it will come back haunting you even in your grave. Yes! Some dead Hollywood stars are accused of assault with no chance to defend themselves. Unfortunately for Bill Murray, his victims did not wait till he is dead. They are hitting him while he’s alive.

Gina Davis is calling him out right as he is getting closer to his grave so he can take his misery along.


Being a 72-year-old man working with young people, I want to assume Bill is just being a man per his generation’s standard. You know, during those periods you can make silly jokes about women and even touch them inappropriately with no backlash. But when people like Gina Davis, a 66-year-old woman started calling him out for allegedly s-xually harassing her. I think it is fair to say, Bill is not being a man per any generation’s standard but just a clear a–hole.

Bill has a long dark history with his colleagues and the list keeps growing as he gets older. Actors like Lucy Liu, Richard Dreyfuss, Chevy Chase, and Angelica Houston have called Bill Murray out for being obnoxious. Recently, the actor/comedian paid 100K as compensation to an unknown female actress for supposed s-xual misconduct.


However, Gina Davis has added to the numbers by recounting her “assault” both s-xual and verbal experience with Bill in her “tell-all book”. Gina claims, Bill made inappropriate s-xual advances at her in a work environment and when she rejected, Bill took it a step further and humiliated her in front of a crowd. Now #MeToo is wild planning to get Bill canceled as the numbers increase.

Via Media Take Out:

The latest big name star to be hit with #MeToo allegations is 72 year old actor Bill Murray. Media Take Out learned that actress Gina Davis is writing a tell all, where she alleges that Bill “assaulted” her.

In her new book, the now 66-year-old Gina alleged that Bill made her feel uncomfortable during an audition for the movie, where he inappropriately touched her. And she also claims that after she spurned his advances, Bill screamed at her in a patronizing fashion in front of “hundreds” of cast and crew members on set.

The explosive allegations come just after it was reported that Bill Murray paid a $100K dollar “hush money” settlement to a woman who claimed the comedian/actor assaulted her on the set of a Disney film.

According to a summary of the book’s allegations by The New York Times, Gina claims that while “in a hotel suite,” which was being used to hold auditions for the crime comedy film, “Murray greets her with something called The Thumper, a massage device he insists on using on her, despite her emphatically refusing.”

“The way he behaved at the first meeting… I should have walked out of that or profoundly defended myself, in which case I wouldn’t have got the part,” Davis said on the infamous hotel suite audition, where she claimed Murray forced her to use “The Thumper” against her will. 

“I could have avoided that treatment if I’d known how to react or what to do during the audition. But, you know, I was so non-confrontational that I just didn’t…,” Davis continued.

Looks like this man has been a d*** to both her female and male workers and the #MeToo movement is gonna have a field time dragging him till he dies of a heart attack.


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