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Menzgold Money Was Used To Sponsor NPP 2016 Campaign – Kwame A-Plus Alleges

Controversial musician, politician and Leader of The Peoples Project (TPP), Kwame A-Plus has alleged that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) took money from CEO of Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah popularly known as NAM1 to sponsor their 2016 election campaign.

According to Kwame A-Plus, the NPP promised to help NAM1 when they win power but he was rather labelled a scammer by the same political party that took money from him to sponsor their campaign when issues of Menzgold-BoG-SEC came up.


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A-Plus disclosed that even when the NPP came into power, they still went to NAM1 for money to sponsor their Koforidua Conference with the promise that they’ll help him.


“The Poor Menzgold customers money was used to sponsor the NPP 2016 campaign” according to Kwame A-Plus.

Kwame A-Plus revealed this to reply one NPP faithful who tagged his TPP as a scam.

Read A-Plus’ full post below.


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“Mustapha Hameed, if you are looking for the biggest scam in Ghana it is the NPP.

1. This party in opposition took money from almost everyone including Nam1. The Menzgold money is with NPP big men!!! Even in government you guys still went to him for money for your Koforidua conference and promised to help him. The poor menzgold customers money was used to sponsor the NPP 2016 campaign.


2. This party called NPP, took all the Unibank money for campaign and came back and closed it down. I know exactly how much they paid for your Tamale congress in 2014. (2 million dollars) Even when you won and knew that the bank was on life support you still went for poor depositors money for your Cape coast conference because you knew that even if the bank collapses you will pay with taxpayers money. The biggest scam in this country is the NPP.

I’ve given this post to you at a wholesale price. My next post will depend on you. And trust me, it will be wild!!!

Waiting to hear from you 🤝”.



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