Medikal Who Celebrated His 25th Birthday In 2017 Celebrates His 27th Birthday In 2021 – What A Miracle!

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One thing about Ghanaian celebrities is that they never want to grow old and in achieving this, they can celebrate a particular age for years. In fact, questions about their real age is a no go area during interviews and they mostly skip the question “how old are you”?

Medikal after allegedly scamming White folks on the internet and making riches for himself still wants to scam Ghanaians about his real age but thank God, he’s been busted!

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Medikal who celebrated his 25th birthday in May 2017 is now claiming that he’s 27 years in 2021 and how is that possible? This is only possible with Ghanaian celebrities.

Medikal yesterday tweeted that he’s now 27 years and that got people confused. He should be 29 years now since his 25th birthday was in 2017 but here is he, lying about his real age.

Check the screenshots below…