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Medikal Steals Title Of Wendy Shay’s Song “Astalavista”

Medikal Steals Title Of Wendy Shay's Song “Astalavista”

Rapper Medikal has dropped a new song featuring Omar Sterling but there is a problem with the title of the song.

Medikal has titled his song “Astalavista”─a title of one of Wendy Shay’s hit songs.

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This has gotten fans and followers of Wendy Shay talking and accusing Medikal of song title theft.

Medikal could have titled his song “Fella-Medikal” but he chose to pick “Astalavista” which happens to be a title of a song by Wendy Shay.

After a year of releasing her “Astalavista” song, Medikal has also released another song with the same title.

Watch the music video of Medikal’s “Astalavista” below.

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