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Maybe Praye Tietia Needs A Side chick To Give Him A Child Since Selly Galley’s Efforts To Give Birth Have Yielded No Fruit

Married Selly Galley Hasn't Given Birth Because Of Fashion And TV Shows - Fan Alleges

Praye Tietia’s wife, Selly Galley has opened up for the 100th time on why she hasn’t been able to give birth after 5 years of marriage and according to her, she has done everything humanly possible to have a child but to no avail.

Selly Galley sharing her story of childlessness after 5 years of marriage with Big J Cartel aka Praye Tietia disclosed to Graphic Online on April 21, 2020, that;

“For now what I can I do is to believe in God and hope that my Maker will make a way for me because I have done everything humanly possible to have a child.  I cannot kill myself because I don’t have a child. God knows why it is so”.

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On the question of whether her husband, Praye Tietia is complaining about her childlessness or not, Selly Galley disclosed;

“The man I am married to is not complaining so why should Ghanaians worry about it? We understand each other perfectly and that is what matters. He loves me and I love him equally”.

According to Selly Galley, her husband, Praye Tietia understands her so much that they always solve their marital problems internally without involving third parties.

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“It is the understanding and respect, I respect him and he respects me as well.  More so, I love him very much and he loves me as well and that is what I believe keeps us going. Every celebrity can make their marriage work when they work at it.

I know my husband will never cheat on me because he loves me. I believe I am all he wants in a woman and I make him so happy”, she said.

Selly Galley heaped praises on Praye Tietia saying he is a perfect man and the best thing that ever happened to her.

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“My husband made me who I am today. He has shaped me and made me the perfect woman that I am today. If I had the chance to marry him again, I would”, she disclosed.

Apparently, Praye Tietia isn’t desperate to have a child, else, he would have gone for a side chick and impregnated her since Selly Galley’s efforts to give birth have yielded no fruit.

Praye Tietia is 40 years old with no child after 5 years of marriage with Selly Galley.

It’s obvious that he’s trusting and waiting upon God for a miracle!

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