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Man Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad For Smuggling Digital Copies Of Netflix’s “Squid Game” To North Korea

Man Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad For Smuggling Digital Copies Of Netflix's "Squid Game" To North Korea

North Korea is ruled by one of the most dangerous and powerful dictators in the world called Kim Jong-un. In that country, there is no crime that goes unpunished except for the crimes of Kim Jong-un.

In a piece of shocking and scary news, one man who smuggled digital copies of Netflix’s “Squid Game” to North Korea has been sentenced to death by firing squad after students were caught watching the popular show.

Radio Free Asia reports that “the man was accused of bringing digital copies of the series back from China, and selling them on USB flash drives.”

From Toofab:

“The student who bought the copy was sentenced to life in prison, while six others who watched it were given five years hard labor. Teachers and administrators at the school are also being punished, with some being fired and sent to work in mines.

“This all started last week when a high school student secretly bought a USB flash drive containing the South Korean drama Squid Game and watched it with one of his best friends in class,” a source in law enforcement in North Hamgyong province told the outlet.

While consuming media content from capitalist countries — specifically the US and South Korea — is illegal within the dictatorship and punishable by death, this is the first time the “Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture” law has been applied in a case involving minors, the outlet reported.

According to the source, the regime will now “mercilessly interrogate” those arrested to trace every person in the distribution chain, leading to further arrests.

“The government is taking this incident very seriously, saying that the students’ education was being neglected. The Central Committee dismissed the school principal, their youth secretary, and their homeroom teacher,” the source added.

The source also claimed that one of the students, who comes from a wealthy family, was able to escape punishment after his parents bribed authorities with US$3,000.

In countries that do not give a hoot about democracy, you mess up in there at your own risk and once the law grabs your b*tt, there is nothing you can do to escape, absolutely nothing!!!

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is currently trending on the internet over this shocking news and other related news concerning North Korea.

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