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Man Drops Evidence Of How Burna Boy Slept With His Girlfriend At Star View Hotel

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A Nigerian man has accused singer and songwriter, Burna Boy, of sleeping with his girlfriend at Starview hotel in 2013.

According to the man who is heartbroken, it all happened 7 years ago and he still remembers it very well.

The man dropped the bombshell after a fan asked Burna Boy about what he has used his fame to get for free without paying a Kobo.

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Smart Burna Boy replied that he is not the kind who goes about in search of free things because free things have a way of coming back and hitting you harder in the future.

Burna Boy’s reply got the man furious and dropped the wild allegations.

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He jumped on Burna Boy and tagged him a hypocrite for not being able to refuse free sex from his girlfriend in 2013 at Star View hotel.

Check the screenshots below…

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