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Man Dreams That Fella Makafui Had A Gory Accident & Died On Her Wedding Day

Man Dreams That Fella Makafui Had A Gory Accident & Died On Her Wedding Day

Most scary dreams are as a result of eating too much fufu and sleeping without allowing enough time for it to digest and it could be that this man who claims to have dreamt about Fella Makafui’s death on her wedding day suffered from undigested fufu last night.

A man claims that he had a terrible dream last night about Fella Makafui getting involved in a gory accident on her way to her wedding venue and died!

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According to a screenshot of WhatsApp chat posted by comedian DKB on Twitter, the man had the dream last night and it got him scared so he had to share it with someone who can reach Fella Makafui and Medikal.

Read the chats and responses below;

“Bro I had a very bad night mere [nightmare] about fella (accident)….Please I know this may cause a panic but if there’s a way to talk to Fella and Medikal’s management for them to be on guard on this special day, pls do

DKB asked, death on her way to the wedding? The man responded: “Yes Medikal was crying after the news”.

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DKB on his Twitter handle posted the screenshot and wrote;


I can’t hoard such revelation, I must release it.

Anyone close to Medikal or Fela must tell them to consult their pastor for serious prayers or fasting to avert.

I just realized I lost their no.s & flowdelly also doesn’t reply msgs maybe he owes mtn qwik loan”.

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