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Man Accuses LEKMA Hospital Of “Fixing A Faulty And Empty Oxygen Machine On His Nephew” Which Resulted In His Death

Ghanaian man, Wisdom Peter Awuku in a Facebook post has accused LEKMA Hospital of “fixing a faulty and empty oxygen machine on his nephew” allegedly killing him in the process.

Wisdom Peter Awuku in a Facebook post alleged: “LEKMA hospital fixed a faulty and empty oxygen machine on my nephew and he died. 😭😭😡😡”.

His post on Facebook has garnered over 190 comments and reactions from Ghanaians on social media.

In another post, Wisdom Peter Awuku responded to claims by an angry nurse (staff) of LEKMA hospital who disagreed with him that the hospital is responsible for the death of his nephew:

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“I made a post regarding my nephew’s death at LEKMA. It was short. I have since received a lot of comments from friends and some people who work in the health administration and some at the said hospital.
I’ve spoken to a lady friend who is a nurse at the hospital because of her comment on my post accusing me of not getting the true picture of what transpired at the hospital from my brother and sister-in-law.
Some of the comments coming from those who work in healthcare or administration bothered on technicalities.
These are some of issues raised by the said nursed I spoke to.
1. My nephew was brought to the hospital a very bad condition.
2. The parents of the children don’t attend Asthma clinic and they always resorted to spiritual and prayer camps
3. That my brother and the wife brought pastors to the ward to pray for the child.
4. Cylinders are not used in the ward

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These are my reactions
What is happening is the usual reactions coming from some of the hospital staff, mostly, those who were not on duty when the incident happened. The lady nurse I spoke to, who accused me of not being at the hospital at the time of the incident, herself was not at the hospital. Her comment and narrations were based on information she got from the hospital, not officially. She was misinformed or she was told to come and lie under my post.
She said she screenshot my post and posted on their hospital whatsApp platform and the feedback she got was contrarily to my post.
1. My nephew had an attack and was given a first aid at home. The same first aid provided by the hospital because he was a regular patient there. On two occasions, the attack was so severe that he had to be rushed to the hospital where the doctor on duty quickly attended to him. When the team wanted to fix the oxygen mask on his face, he resisted but my brother and the medical team prevailed and they fixed it. The boy immediately went into coma and it took the doctor on duty to pull all his experience to revive him. They never used the oxygen on him since.
2. On this particular occasion, after taking the first aid, he ‘felt’ ok but the mother insisted that they should go to the hospital for a check up. They walked. The first serious attacked, he couldn’t walk and had to be taken to the hospital in a car. But, this particular one, he was relatively ok and on their way to the hospital, the boy told his mother ‘they’ should not put oxygen on him. They got to the hospital and the first thing the nurse on duty did was the use of oxygen. Again, the boy tried to resist.
It is not true that the boy went to the hospital in a very BAD condition. She claimed the boy could not even stand on his feet. This is a complete lie.
3. When the nurse fixed the oxygen mask, there was a problem with the regulation. It was faulty. This is where they said I used “cylinder.”
A mechanic was sent for who came to work on the machine. It took awhile for the repair work could be done and when it was finally done and they tried to operate it again, there was some force of air (oxygen) coming through the mask making the ‘pop’ sound. And that was it. The boy ceased breath.

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There was no doctor present at that moment accept the nurse.
4. It is also not true that the boy was sent to prayer camps. Very interesting. The pastors who came to pray over the body (he was already dead) were already in the hospital premises doing their usual prayer visitations and as soon as they heard of the incident, they quickly moved to the ward to pray over the child. The pastor were not there because of the boy. Of course, they knew him as a regular patient at the hospital.
5. It was later that a gentleman with a stethoscope joined them and told my brother the child was dead. The nurse wrote a bill for my brother to pay and my brother protested and the gentleman asked the nurse why she was giving a bill in that situation.
6. My sister-in-law received a call reminding her of their next visit to the asthma clinic. It is a normal practice all over the world that you receive a call from your hospital to remind you of your next appointment with your physician. I hear that of LEKMA, if you receive that call, it means you are not regular to the clinic. That was what the nurse tried to tell me. But that is not also true.
My brother went to the administrator to lodge a formal complaint and the administrator immediately summoned those present when the incident happened.
For now, they are trying hard to push the incident on the family so they have to sent some of their staff to either attack my post or refute the allegation. They are also hiding behind technicalities to say that they don’t use cylinders in the ward or it is premature to lay blames on the hospital when there is no autopsy to determine cause of accident. Or my explanation contradictory. Nobody has discounted that fact that a machine that was supposed to provide oxygen to a boy you claimed was in a bad situation, was not working.

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They don’t want to accept negligence but let me say that a hospital like LEKMA to have its oxygen machine broken down or faulty and for emergency to happen before going to call a mechanic to repair it, then, patients are in trouble.
If you rush your child to emergency ward and as parent, the hospital is now struggling to fix a broken down machine, do you need to a technician or a medical officer to appreciate the enormity of the situation? Or because you were not present, your family member don’t know what is a broken down machine? Is that what all these health workers are trying to say?
We are all in trouble including all the health workers under my post trying hard to defend this.
In some jurisdiction, people should be resigning when life saving machines are not functional but that is Ghana. This one too shall pass. The boy would be buried next week.
Be there and be defending the rot in the system”.


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