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Male YouTuber Badman Kevo Says He Got His Body Done Because Women Cheated On Him With Men With Better Bodies

YouTuber, Bandman Kevo, Unveils Her New Stomach After Lipo Surgery And He Can't Keep Shirts On Following The Procedure

Ladies are flipping the page!

YouTuber/Blogger Badman Kevo says despite his money and the faux confidence he displays on social media, b-tches didn’t care and cheated on him mercilessly.

So he opted for liposuction to get his body into b-nging. Badman reportedly got his abs itched about 2 weeks ago and according to him, he is not ready to hide his surgeries like the many male rappers out there. He’s kinda excited about his new body as he barely wears anything lately.

Badman while in an interview with DJ Akademiks claimed he did the surgeries for himself but admitted ladies cheated on him a lot due to his previous body, so perhaps the new worked-on body is to get his incoming babes to stay. Badman got a lipo in his tummy leaving his huge arms and tiny legs, he might get his arms done later as well.

Via Vlad;

Bandman Kevo revealed he got cosmetic surgery on his body and noted rappers wouldn’t admit they got the same procedure done. While speaking about getting liposuction, Kevo said, “Basically, they gon’ do your stomach or whatever, I already had abs because I been working out. So, I didn’t need to do no ab action, and what’s the do the front of your stomach, then they’re going to do the back of your stomach too. You know what I mean?” Now, while speaking to Akademiks about his plastic surgery while on the ‘Off The Record’ podcast, Kevo gave another reason why he got his body done. 

The rapper went on to say he was getting cheated on a lot by women with men who were more fit, leading to his decision to get surgery. When asked by Akademiks if did it for “the people or yourself?” Kevo said, “Myself. Im’a be honest, I got cheated on a lot by a lot of guys with better bodies. Just to be honest, I don’t even care.”

Akademiks said, “Your name is Bandman Kevo, you got the bag… The dudes that your shorty or whatever is… did they have that bag too?” Kevo responded by saying, “no.” He then explained, “I understand. I was just like ‘Okay, cool,’ you know what I mean? I got the money, I’m rich, I got this, I got that, I don’t care… her loss.” Take a look above

Badman claimed he didn’t care about the ladies cheating on him but got needles tucked in him to change his body faster, this is the funniest lie told this month. Dude, you cared enough to get your body “liposuctioned,” let’s hope your next relationship lasts.

Watch Badman Kevo explain his sh-t:

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