Make the Right Choice Now: Join Charis Touch Foundation Save An Innocent Child

Make the Right Choice Now: Join Charis Touch Foundation Save An Innocent Child
Charis Touch Foundation

It was early January of 2019, the CharisTouch Foundation set off on a journey. The Harmattan had visited and wrapped us with its dusty cold embrace.


We set off on a journey, a journey to reach what seemed like the end of the world. Okay, let’s admit it was a five-hour journey, but considering the bad state of the road, I wondered deep within me, What will happen? What will we see?

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How will it go? On a journey to reach the Lovely Children of the Blessing Home Academy.
Upon arrival, we were received with a lovely welcome by the children and the owner of the orphanage.

It was heartwarming to see them receive us with so much joy and excitement. We spoke and interacted with the children while the owner gave us a brief summary of how the orphanage home came to being.

The blessing Home Academy is located in the now Oti Region (Northern Volta). The home houses over 100 children ranging from 5 – 15 years old. The home was established by a couple 10 years ago and has produced four batches of brilliant BECE candidates.

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Despite the performances, the school needs a major infrastructure uplift and other essential learning materials to improve their performance in the quest for better education.

One thing intrigued me the most during the whole visit. It was the hope in their eyes. These kids who lived in the middle of nowhere, with limited access to livable conditions yet there was so much hope that our visit brought to them.

We gave them advice on how to set positive goals and not give up on their dreams.
On the five- hour journey back home, I did a lot of reflection, how much impact one kind gesture can go a long way to brighten someone’s world. We were just a bunch of volunteers, doing something that anyone could possibly do.

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But not on that day, on that day we made an impact. A positive impact and I felt glad. But one thing I knew was that we had a lot more to do. But can we do anything without more hands on board? One small gesture at a time we can change the world and make it a better place. Change starts with you and me.

It’s in this light that CharisTouch Foundation set up NGO’S Connect Team. CharisTouch decided to join forces with 12 other NGO’s to raise funds to help improve the living conditions of the orphans at Blessing Home Academy by constructing a girls dormitory and providing some learning, feeding and health materials.

With the funds, the NGO’s Connect Team gathered so far we have been able to raise the ladies dormitory to the foundation level. We however still have a long way to go when it comes to the completion of this project by the end of the year.

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We hereby entreat the public to support the NGO’s Connect Team by donating in cash or kind to enable us to be able to achieve the dream of improving the lives of these little angels at the Blessing Home Academy.
The NGO’S connect teach needs support in terms of:

 Bags of cement
 Door frames and window frames
 1 trip of gravel
 6 trips of sand
 Paint
 Nails
 Roofing Sheet
 Notebooks
 Exercise books
 Pens and pencils
 Mathematical sets

 Anti- Malaria
 Pain killers
 Antibiotics
 Blood tonic
 Dewormer

 Clothes
 Shoes
 Toys for children
 Soap
 Sanitary towel
 Shaving material
FOOD ITEMS such as
 Beans
 Rice
 Gari
 Sugar
 Milk
 Biscuit
 Milo
 Drinks etc.
All forms of donations are highly welcome. For more enquiries and partnerships, contact 0249272409, 0242125415. Thank you and God bless you.