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Machine Gun Kelly Snort Cocaine Off Megan Fox’s B***s As Part Of Their Halloween Concept And It Is The Dumbest Sh-t This Year

Machine Gun Kelly Snort Cocaine Off Megan Fox's B***s As Part Of Their Halloween Concept And It Is The Dumbest Sh-t This Year

Okay, so the purpose of Halloween in ancient times was to dress in costumes, lit bonfires, gather as a family, and ward off ghosts.

Now that we are certain, no ghosts or spirits are attacking us, can we ban it already? CUZ presently, Halloween is a for some wh-res or weird people to display some creepy sh-ts.

And it isn’t funny anymore. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox had the sh-ttiest Halloween concept this year. And I am surprised these two are all creatives.

This weird couple, appears not to dress in any innovative way for Halloween but did the unthinkable. MGK poured a white substance allegedly cocaine on Megan Fox’s b***s and snort it.

I’m not sure what that dumb act is supposed to mean but they appeared really excited when they were done and kissed. MGK is 32 years old, and Megan on the other hand is 36. So how the fact that old people go about engaging in craps like this in public marvels me.

There’s actually no limit to the things these celebrities will record and post on social media.

Via Page Six:

Machine Gun Kelly’s interpretation of Tommy Lee might have been a little too on the nose.

As part of his and Megan Fox’s Halloween costume as the aforementioned rocker and Pamela Anderson for the Casamigos party Friday, Kelly shared a video of himself snorting and licking “cocaine” — presumably fake, though it’s unclear — off Fox’s breast.

“happy Halloween virgins 👼🏼,” he captioned an Instagram carousel of photos and, of course, the eyebrow-raising video.

Naturally, followers were horrified that the “Bloody Valentine” singer, 32, would glorify drugs in any capacity given his fan base consists of a lot of teenagers.

“Ok but this? Hell na, might ur music be good but the drugs? not that much,” wrote one fan.

“I cannot keep defending y’all wtf is this😭,” commented another.

“Not cool with the snorting and having teens idol you,” wrote a third follower.

“Him thinking it’s ok to post a video doing a f–king line is crossing a f–king line after every artist we’ve had over dose in the past few years,” commented another.

“Okay, Ik there r gonna be ppl saying they didnt ask but this is not okay. Even if it’s fake, and a joke,” noted one more. “This is not okay to promote to your fans and it’s even worse for the children they both have. Highly disappointed, really not a fan of you anymore at this point. This is f–ked.”

Other followers criticized the “Transformers” actress, 36, for being a mom and participating in public posts involving “drugs.” (Kelly is also a parent.)

“You’re a mother ? Oh how proud your kids will be years from now when they see this,” commented one person.

“Knowing she has kids that’ll grow up and see this is so sad,” wrote another.

The backlash didn’t seem to prevent Kelly and Fox, who got engaged in January, from continuing their controversial Halloweekend, as they further fueled fire when they followed up their drug-addled costume with one in which he dressed as a priest and she dressed as a sexualized worshipper on a leash.

Neither has responded to the backlash.

Should Halloween be canceled? Or y’all will start behaving yourselves and celebrate the coming ones with sane, creativity, and wild ideas? Not this dumb sh-ts!

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