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Lydia Forson And Afia Schwar Who Were Snubbed By Cardi B Because They Had Nothing Doing With Their Time Support Kidi’s Disrespect For Time

Lydia Forson And Afia Schwar Who Were Snubbed By Cardi B Because They Had Nothing Doing With Their Time Support Kidi's Disregard For Time

Two loudmouths, Lydia Forson and Afia Schwarzenegger who were snubbed by American rapper, Cardi B because they had nothing profitable doing with their time are backing KiDi for his disregard for time──and blaming Accra FM’s Nana Romeo for scolding him on live radio.

Cardi B did the right thing by choosing some hot kebab over meeting with Lydia Forson, Afia Schwarzenegger and a bunch of Ghanaian celebrities who obviously had nothing doing with their time.

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Time is of no essence in this country──and it’s one of the many reasons why Ghana is far behind in terms of development and a host of other things. Ghanaian actors and actresses disrespect for time is one of the reasons why the movie industry has collapsed with no hopes of getting back on its feet.

A young musician, KiDi, for the second on the same radio station appears very late for a scheduled interview, he gets scolded by the host of the show on live radio and then you get the likes of Lydia Forson, Afia Schwarzenegger and E.L backing him on Twitter.

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For Afia Schwarzenegger, she even wants Accra FM and the presenter, Nana Romeo to apologise to KiDi for pointing out his mistake on live radio. It’s obvious that Afia herself doesn’t value time and you can tell that from how she goes about her stuff.

Lateness shouldn’t be tolerated especially when it has to do with radio and television shows. KiDi should learn to abide by time because no serious radio or TV presenter will tolerate such nonsense!

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Lydia Forson reacting to KiDi’s embarrassment on live radio tweeted;

“This could have been handled better than this. Time must be respected by everyone, that I agree. But to publicly humiliate a GUEST on your show like this is unfortunate. How many times have we showed up to interviews/events etc that didn’t start on time”.

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She then added; “To be clear, I’m not condoning tardiness, if anything I’ve always insisted that we all have to do better at respecting time. Kidi was late, yes, but the way the presenter handled it was equally unprofessional per industry ethics. The whole incident was unfortunate”.

Apparently, Lydia Forson was expecting the host, Nana Romeo to pamper and praise KiDi on live radio for being late even though they both agreed on a specific time.

We tolerate nonsense in this country too much! It’s time people value and respect time.

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