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Love & Hip-Hop Star Tommie Lee Catfish Scams A Disabled Man Off $500K And Leaves Him Homeless

Love & Hip-Hop Star Tommie Lee Catfish Scams A Disabled Man Off $500K And Leaves Him Homeless

According to Love & Hip-Hop star Tommie Lee, she was home when a disabled white man named Ryan showed up with flowers and claimed he has been dating her for years. According to Tommie, the man has been scammed of over $500K by her catfish.

The now-homeless disabled man claims the Tommie Lee catfish lured him to sell his house, rendering him homeless for the past 5 years.

Ryan was obnoxious and got Tommie angry to the extent that she threatened to stab him if Ryan did not comply and help catch the scammer who supposedly, is from Africa.

Via Media Tae Out;

Love & Hip Hop star Tommie Lee was unwittingly involved in a scam which allegedly took $500,000 from a disabled Atlanta man. The scam reportedly got the man to sell his house, and now he’s homeless Media Take Out has learned.

The whole situation is very sad. Media Take Out confirmed that on Valentine’s Day, a disabled man showed up to Tommie’s luxury Atlanta apartment to give her flowers.

Tommie was surprised and a bit alarmed that the man knew her address, and he told the reality star that he “knew her for 5 years.”

After a bit of detective work, Tommie found out that the man was the victim of a “catfish” scam.

Tommie then decided to sit down the victim, in the lobby of her apartment building and interview him on Instagram Live.

The mentally challenged man claims that the “Tommie” catfish convinced him to sell his home, and give her all the money to “invest.” The scammers then made off with the cash, and continued to bleed the disabled man for 5 years, Media Take Out confirmed.

After giving away all his money … the man is now homeless.

It’s a very sad story …. but why did Tommie have to behave so ignorantly??

Tommie Lee appeared hurt about the incident, but this could be a well-staged act for clout. She could call the police to report it, but she chose to live stream the interaction and threaten the man. SUS!

Here is the clip of Tommie Lee and the scammed disabled man:

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