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Love And Hip-Hop’s Prince Claims Tory Lanez Coerced Him To Sign Settlement Agreement After He Assaulted Him

Love And Hip-Hop's Prince Says Tory Lanez Coerced Him To Sign Settlement Agreement After He Assaulted Him

2022 ended badly for Tory Lanez and while he is hopeful that 2023 may be better, this year could be much worse for the notorious rapper.

Love and Hip-Hop star, Prince was assaulted by Tory Lanez and an unknown man back in 2019. While mediation was ongoing, Prince let go of the issue with claims that he was compensated. However, According to Prince, Tory drafted an agreement by himself and coerced him to sign without his lawyer while John Doe pointed a gun at him.

According to Prince, John Doe threatened to attack him if he ever make his name public. So he is still keeping Tory’s accomplice anonymous.

However, he claims Tory gave him just a fraction of the money he would have received if the case made it to court. So he wants a judge to do away with the alleged coerced agreement for a new one.

Via Media Take Out;

Love & Hip Hop star Prince claims he was forced to sign a settlement with Tory Lanez because he was coerced into signing by a man holding a gun.

According to court documents obtained by, he wants a judge to throw out the settlement.

Prince said in June 2022, Tory called him to discuss settling the lawsuit

“[Lanez] presented me with a document that he drafted himself and ordered that I sign the agreement,” he wrote. “He told me not to contact my lawyer when I told him I needed my lawyer to review the agreement,” he said. Prince said he arrived to the meeting to find Lanez with a man who works for him. This individual is the same individual who was ordered by [Lanez] to attack me at the Vendome night club and he did so. I cannot share his identity at this time as this individual threatened me that if I mention his name I would be severely injured or even killed. This individual was in possession of a firearm which was visible at the meeting,” he claimed.

Prince said Lanez and the other man “aggressively ordered me to sign the agreement.” He said he was forced to accept just a fraction of the money he had been trying to get from the singer.

Tory physically assaults people and tries to pay his way out of the damages. The dude is crazy! Megan Thee Stallion paves the way for more of his victims to come out, I guess.

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