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“Love After Lockup” Lovers Cameron And Aris Tie The Knot In A Hasty Manner

"Love After Lockup" Lovers Cameron And Aris Tie The Knot In A Hasty Manner

Despite Aris‘s jealousy and fears of Cameron going to jail again, the Love After Lockup lovers have tied the knot under dramatic circumstances.

Cameron was released from a halfway house, and before going to meet his parole officer, the singer got on his knees and proposed to his girlfriend, Aris. While his girlfriend was still in shock, Cameron hurriedly added that he needed to get married that very moment before he meets his parole officer.

While the whole encounter seemed rushed, Cameron explained that he needed to take a transfer to Florida, but he has no relation there to aid his transfer. So marriage will hasten his plans to move to Florida and subsequently be with Aris.

Well, although Aris hesitated and asked for a day to get her dress and makeup ready before the show ended abruptly, it has been reported that the duo did tie the knot.

Via Media Take Out;

The new season of WEtv’s Love After Lockup features Cameron and his girlfriend Aris. So far, in the episodes that have aired, the couple seems to be doing well.

Media Take Out has learned that the couple is doing better than just well …. we confirmed that the two were legally married following the season finale.

This season, Cameron was released from a halfway house and immediately got on bended knee and proposed to his girlfriend Aris. At first, the proposal was a shock for Aris, but what Cameron said next was even more shocking. The recent ex-con wanted to tie the knot within the next couple hours!

Cameron explained that he didn’t have to meet with his parole officer until the following Monday, so he hoped to get married before then to better his chances of being allowed to leave Ohio and serve his parole in Florida with Aris.

“I’ve been away from you for two years,” Cameron tells Aris on the show. “So do you want to wait another six months to a year for me to come down there?”

The episode ended before Aris was able to give an answer to whether she was willing to have a quickie wedding.

Well Media Take Out did a bit of digging, and we confirmed that Cameron and Aris are currently married. First off, we were able to locate the couple’s marriage certificate. The happy couple tied the knot in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 23 of last year – which was the same date that the episode was filmed.

The couple got the license on Friday, July 22 and they were married the following day. So when Cameron said that he was going to see his parole officer on Monday and wanted to be married before then – he got his wish.

Aris is in constant fear that Cameron will either go back to prison or get another woman due to his rap music. Meanwhile, she put her insecurities aside and agreed to a haste marriage. I’m no pessimist, but that was bold!

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