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Lori Harvey ‘Forces’ Famous Men To Sign NDA Agreement Before Going On Dates With Them

Lori Harvey Rumored To Be Rekindling Romance With Her Ex-lover And Father Of 8, Rapper Future

We all pick behavior traits from our ex-partners in Lori Harvey‘s case, it is to draft rigid NDAs for prospective suitors like her ex-partner Drake.

Lori, 25, drafts an iron cloud NDA for any celebrity interested in her, and this agreement prevents them from sharing any form of details about their relationship so Lori can just move right on to the next partner after breakups, with no social media drama. (Smart huh?).

One of Lori’s friends says Lori’s NDA has no threshold, it is compulsory for every soul that seeks to date Lori and this agreement stops these men from making public any form of interaction between them.

What happens when these exes and current partners default on the terms of the NDA? Well, just like Drake, Lori will drag their a**es to court, and get a million dollars. Judging from the numerous men Lori has dated, she will become a billionaire overnight if all of these celebrities decide to go bonkers and spill the beans. Lori must be praying for that day.

Via Media Take Out;

Lori Harvey is changing the dating game for celebrity women – and behaving like many male celebrities have been for years.

Media Take Out spoke with one of Lori’s friends – who broke down a few strict rules that Steve Harvey’s daughter has, for any man interesting in wooing her for affection.

And according to Lori’s friends, she has makes all men sign an air-tight nondisclosure agreement, before she even considers anything romantic between them. The friend explained, “Lori makes [all the men] sign an NDA to make sure that whatever they talk about is personal and confidential.”

The friend told Media Take Out that the contract stops any potential suitor from sharing any photos or messages that they exchange. It also preclude him from “saving any screens captures of their discussions or communications, including any video conferences.”

And there are some pretty serious consequences, if any man violates the agreement. The friend told Media Take Out, “There is a million dollar penalty if the agreement is violated.”

The friend also told Media Take Out that the agreement is “air tight” and was drafted by the same top Los Angeles law firm who created Drake’s infamous non-dicsclusre agreements.

We asked Lori’s friends if she could name any celebrity men who willingly signed the agreement. While Lori’s pal wouldn’t name names, she told us, “anyone that wants to date Lori has to sign it. No exceptions..”

Lori broke up with her longtime boyfriend Michael B Jordan last year. Since the split, Lori has been romantically linked to a number of men, such as Jack Harlow, Creed 3 actor Jonathan Majors, and Snowfall actor Damson Idris.

Lori has a tall list of ex-partners y’all, and the NDA is to prevent all these men from dragging her on whatever sh-ts she’s been up to. Lori is just like the female version of Pete Davidson, just that she plays it safe by involving NDAs to prevent these men from using her for clout.

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