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Lizzo’s Boyfriend Myke Wright Dumps Her Amid Her Assault Lawsuit

Lizzo Dating Comedian Mike Wright After 7 Years Of Pursuit

Until a few weeks ago, Lizzo was globally known as one of the celebrities who was all about positivity and inclusion for all. Well, all that charade has ended. Three of Lizo’s dancers from her just-ended tour have sued her for s-xual harassment, creating a hostile work environment, and fat-shaming them. Yes, you read that right; people are suing Lizzo for fat-shaming. The woman who constantly whines online about being body-shamed also allegedly body-shames others.

Amid the daring legal battle that questions everything Lizzo stands for, she has suffered another major blow. Lizzo has been dumped by the man she spent seven years pursuing and eventually won over last year. According to reports, Lizzo’s man, comedian Myke Wright, was overwhelmed by the legal troubles, so she will be facing her troubles alone.

Via Media Take Out;

Pop superstar Lizzo’s entire life is falling apart right before our very eyes. Just a few weeks ago, she was seen as one of the biggest stars in the world. Now her career is in tatters, and Media Take Out learned that her boyfriend, comedian Myke Wright, dumped her in the midst of the controversy.

For weeks Media Take Out had been hearing rumors of drama, surrounding Lizzo’s most recent tour, and in her relationship. Now they both seem to have come to a head.

Yesterday, three of Lizzo’s former dancers accused the singer of **ual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. They also allege that she pressured one of them to touch a nde performer at an Amsterdam club and subjected the group to an “excruciating” audition after leveling false accusations that they were drinking on the job. Lizzo is also accused of “fat shaming” her dancers.

While she’s fighting these serious charges, Lizzo just lost her man. Media Take Out confirmed that Mike removed all mention of Lizzo from his Instagram page. And what’s worse, he’s no longer following his ex.

Lizzo confirmed that she and comedian Myke Wright were in a relationship during an April 2022 interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM series Radio Andy, when the “Truth Hurts” singer went public with her boyfriend Myke Wright.

After stepping out together for her 34th birthday in West Hollywood, the pair hit their first red carpet together on June 4, 2022 as they attended the FYC event for her Amazon Prime Video series, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.

The couple have been spotted all over the world together – on vacation, on tour, and on the red carpet. Here are some pics of them together at this year’s Met Gala.

Myke Wright was important to Lizzo‘s life, and she struggled to get him to date her. Just a few weeks ago, Lizzo hints at buying farmland and moving to the countryside with him if trolls continue to body shame her. However, fans believe Myke was dating Lizzo out of pity and wanted out until the perfect opportunity presented itself.

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