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Lil Yachty Slams Sean Paul For Trashing His Career Back In 2016

Lil Yachty Slams Sean Paul For Trashing His Career Back In 2016

Sean Paul slammed Lil Yachty on The Breakfast Club by calling him talentless back in 2016. It’s been 7 years, and Yachty has just responded to Sean.

The tables have turned with the 50-year-old Jamaican rapper barely in the music space, and when asked, Lil Yachty admitted Sean Paul did not fade out due to his irrelevancy but simply stopped making music. Yachty was quick to chip in that he does not f—k with Sean because of the 2016 incident where he demeaned his talent, though he added that he doesn’t care about him enough to be following his career.

Via Media Take Out;

In a recent interview, Lil Yachty fired back at Sean Paul years after the dancehall star allegedly dissed him.

Back in 2016, Sean Paul was a guest on The Breakfast Club and Sean Paul said:

“If it were really about talent in the hip hop industry, you wouldn’t have some of these younger cats talking that […] the Lil Yachty dem. ‘The ‘Boat Boy,’” he said at the time. “I mean, I don’t know much of the dude’s music either. I don’t like his comments.”

The Jamaican artist was brought up this week as Mitch and Yachty discussed rappers falling off and brought up the fact that Sean Paul shouldn’t have fallen off.

“Nobody ever said Sean Paul fell off. They [Sean Paul and Shaggy] just stopped making music. I don’t think they’re still dropping music,” Lil told Mitch. “By the way, f-ck Sean Paul. I want to make that very clear. I don’t f-ck with Sean Paul. Sean Paul once dissed me in a radio interview.”

How do you tell people they are talentless without hurting their feelings? At some point, people have to know that they aren’t as fit for this music thing as they believe; we can’t keep condoning rubbish. However, art is subjective, so artists should be open to such harsh criticism without taking offense. On this note, I can say Yachty handled the issue pretty well.

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