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Lil Yachty Reveals Drake’s Toilets Play 2 Pac’s “Hit Em Up” When You Open It

Rapper Lil Yachty Steps In To Defend Drake Against His Diss Directed At Megan Thee Stallion

Drake opened his home studio for two hours for a fee of $500K and actually got Riff Raff to pay for the experience. It appears the next thing on his list is his bathroom, following Lil Yachty’s revelation that every single toilet in Drake’s home starts playing 2 Pac’s “Hit Em Up” after you open it and it is a pretty boring experience.

According to Yachty, although the experience is exciting at first, it becomes annoying after a while. He is not ready to hear Pac’s voice while he takes a sh-t, which he admits he does regularly when he visits. 

VladTV Report;

During their conversation, Lil Yachty appeared on Kai Cenat’s live stream and revealed some odd news about Drake’s bathroom. 

The rapper said he was at Drake’s crib, and when he went to use the bathroom, the toilet started playing 2 Pac’s ‘Hit Em Up’ upon lifting the seat. Yachty said the funny surprise became “annoying” after a while. 

Yachty said, “Every bathroom in his house has heated seats. And every bathroom in his house, when you walk up to the toilet, it opens and starts playing 2Pac’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up.’ I swear to God!” He continued: “Every time it’s like, ‘Yeah, you fat muthaf**ka!’ It’s so annoying when you gotta take a shit ’cause it keeps looping.” From there, Yachty revealed he had taken numerous dumps at different bathrooms in the Canadian rapper’s home.

The dude will soon put it up for $200K for 30 minutes of use. And he will get folks to pay to use it.

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