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Lil Scrappy Turns New “Love & Hip Hop” Episode Weepy As He Confronts His Mother On Her Wh-ring And Drug Past

Lil Scrappy Turns New Love & Hip Hop Episode Weepy As He Confronts His Mother On Her Wh-ring And Drug Past

The latest episode of Love & Hip hop was intense with 38-year-old rapper Lil Scrappy facing his childhood traumas (mummy issues) and speaking out on how bad of an influence his mother was and how it affected his perception of life.

The incident took place after Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee and his wife Adi Bambi Benson appeared to be at loggerheads.

Tears flew on the latest episode of Love & Hip hop as Scrappy finally let go of his tough side and went all emotional on Momma Dee. Scrappy in a sentimental scene expressed what it was like growing up in a wh-ring house and seeing her mother sleep with different men all the time and do drugs with no regard for his mental health.

According to Scrappy, he is with his wife because she is a replica of his mother and that’s how huge of an influence his mother has on him. Scrappy went all out and it was a tense moment that saw a lot of cast members shed tears but not his wh-re mother.

Media Take Out Reports;

Yesterday was one of the most real moments in the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise. Lil Scrappy confronted his mother, about the pain he felt as a child growing up in a trap house and a brothel, where his mom sold her body to customers.

And Media Take Out confirmed, it was a very powerful scene.

Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee worked first as an escort, and eventually the head pimp of a famous brothel in Atlanta. She had scrappy during her time in the streets, and she raised him in a pretty crazy environment.

Scrappy, who hides his feelings well, never confronted his mother – and told her what it was like for him as a child to see his mother turning tricks or doing drugs.

On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, he broke down and finally confronted Momma Dee about what she put him through.

It’s a pretty powerful scene, and it’s causing quite a conversation on Black Twitter – about Black male trauma, and the source of “mommy issues” in men.

Although Momma Dee did not offer any sort of closure to Scrappy, it appears they are back on track to continue their scrappy relationship. Scrappy implies he hates to see his mother and wife argue when they practically have the same vibe.

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