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Lil Scrappy Dumps His Wife Adi Bambi Benson For Erica Mena

Lil Scrappy Dumps His Wife Adi Bambi Benson For Erica Mena

The upcoming season of Love and Hip/Hop promises nothing but more chaotic episodes as the show’s drama couple Lil Scrappy and his wife Adi Bambi Benson have allegedly split and Scrappy has moved on with a recently divorced co-star, Erica Mena. And that is the juicy storyline with massive drama to look out for.

Lil Scrappy recently went bonkers with his mother Mama Dee after she claimed Adi Bambi is too much a wh-re to be considered his son’s wife. Shockingly, he dumped Bambi barely a month after defending her on TV and went in for another drama queen, Erica Mena, who got legally divorced from her ex-husband Safaree just in October.

Scrappy and Bambi have unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted the couple’s picture of themselves on the platform while they have three kids to deal with in real life. Mama Dee may be damned at the moment considering her son’s choice after dumping Bambi.

Via Media Take Out;

The new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is going to be CRAZY. Media Take Out just caught wind of one of the upcoming season’s new storylines.

Longtime cast members Scrappy and Bambi have decided to separate, Media Take Out has confirmed. The couple – who have three children together – have stopped following each other on Instagram, and have deleted all of the “couple pics” on each other’s pages.

We’re not certain whether Scrap and Bambi are done for good … or whether the pair is just taking a break in their relationship.

Now here’s the juicy part. Media Take Out spoke with a person close to production who told us that there are rumors on set that Scrap may now be dating another one of the Love & Hip Hop stars – Erica Mena.

Erica also just got out of a long-term relationship with Safaree. And she’s also trying to co-parent with a Love & Hip Hop cast-member, so she and Scrappy have a lot in common.

It would be a pretty crazy turn of events if Scrappy and Erica started dating each other. We just wonder how Safaree and Bambi would handle it.

Although Mama Dee has a wh-ring history, she seems to dislike wh-res. All these four folks are cast in the upcoming season of L&HH Atlanta, I’m sure they will assault each other enough to warrant a police arrest. It will be damn bloody.

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