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Lil Meech Defends Summer Walker After Cheating On Her

Summer Walker Allegedly Dating BMF Lead Actor Lil Meech

22-year-old Lil Meech is out to defend his 27-year-old mother-of-three girlfriend Summer Walker after cheating on her with an Instagram chick. Although Lil Meech and the other woman planned to keep the affair secret, the lady later confirmed the affair after Meech called her ugly in an attempt to prove his commitment to Summer.

Interestingly, Summer Walker is not walking away from this silly drama but went on a vacation with Lil Meech. The BMF actor took to Instagram to inform fans about their holiday getaway and also brag about the fact that Summer Walker did not leave him after she cheated and that their love is here to stay and is not ending.

Via Media Take Out;

BMF actor Lil Meech has responded after a beautiful woman posted a video, Media Take Out learned, showing her wearing Lil Meech’s chain. He let fans know that he and Summer are solid.

“Y’all need help and will believe anything. Summer ain’t going no where [sic], so everybody can go back to their f-cked up lies, and keep hatin’ — we on vacation,” he wrote in The Shade Room’s comments section.

After the woman posted a video of her wearing Lil Meech’s chain, Summer slid into her DMs to find out whether he man was cheating. The woman denied she had spoken to Meech, telling Summer that she had only spoken to security.

Lil Meech then took to Twitter to explain that the girl got the chain from one of his security guards. Lil Meech claims that the security team member let the woman wear the chain to try and impress her. BUT…Lil Meech then called the women “ugly.”

She shared screenshots of their text messages, which showed that they had spoken and that Meech had asked her to lie.

Summer also slammed the outlet on social media. “There’s a million more things y’all could be worried about than me & this man. It’s been like 3 days now, let’s hang it TF up. [laughing face emoji]”

It is disgusting that Summer Walker is subjecting herself to this humiliation in an attempt to feel the void of loneliness. This kid has no business being in a committed relationship with anyone, let alone a cougar. But because Summer feels he can be easily manipulated, both financially and emotionally, she is adamant about keeping him around. Pathetic! Leave these kids the f—k alone and stop exploiting them.

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