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Lil Meech Caught Cheating On Summer Walker Again

Summer Walker Allegedly Dating BMF Lead Actor Lil Meech

Mother of two, 27-year-old Summer Walker, has been brokenhearted by her 22-year-old boyfriend, Lil Meech.

Summer Walker and BMF star Lil Meech started dating barely three months ago, and within this period, about four women have reported sleeping with Meech; one even claimed she is pregnant for the actor, and now a TikToker has provided evidence of Meech cheating with one more woman.

The TikToker recorded Meech entering her neighbor’s bedroom in the evening before both making their way out moments later. Summer dumped him; according to her, she can’t deal with a cheat. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Meech denied the rumors again with claims that he went shopping for his cousin in a woman’s apartment.

Via Media Take Out;

Media Take Out broke the news a few days ago that Summer Walker broke up with Lil Meech, after allegedly catching him cheating.

Well now there’s allegedly video evidence.

The BMF star was allegedly caught on a Ring camera with another woman. A TikToker caught the video, and posted it online:

Meech hit Instagram and said he was helping his cousin with whom he went to the grocery store.

But Summer’s not buying it. Summer Walker appears fed up with Lil Meech’s shenanigans. Sharing to her 5.7 million followers on Instagram, the “Girls Need Love” recording artist shared her thoughts on Instagram Story: “Tried my best to be jayda wayda but I couldn’t.” This seemingly alludes to Jayda Cheaves’ relationship with Lil Baby, which ended up in a split.

After the video leaked, she added this response:

Summer Walker proceeded to post a 54-second clip from her interview with Yung Miami, where she explained what she won’t put up with in a relationship – namely cheating.

Just earlier this month, a woman named Tiffany Marie DM’ed Summer Walker on Instagram, claiming she was pregnant with Lil Meech’s child.

She wrote, “Hey girl, I just wanted to come to you woman to woman before I go to the blogs. Me and Meech have been seeing each other for the past four months and now I am pregnant. He blocked me on social media so I can’t even reach him and he changed his phone number. So maybe you can relay the message since he decided to ghost me.”

Some of the sh-t grown women engage in recent times is ridiculous. This relationship was dead right from the beginning; somehow, Summer believed Meech was the man. This is a f—king kid who is yet to make all the silly mistakes in life but to settle with a grown woman with kids and take on all those responsibilities.

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