Liberian Musician Reveals Shatta Wale Has Over 3 Million Fans In Liberia

Shatta Wale Wins The Heart Of Liberians With Over 3-Million SM Fans In Liberia Alone
Shatta Wale and Chillout Badman

Ghanaian Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has found his way into the hearts of Liberians as they have developed a mad love for him with over 3 million SM Fans in the country.

Liberian Dancehall artiste, Chillout Badman, disclosed in an interview on Showbiz Daily with host Sammy Flex.

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He said Liberians have embraced Shatta Wale and his music and they have officially started a fanbase to support him.

“The idea started from nowhere. I am a dancehall artiste and I have been following Shatta Wale for years. The vision of Shatta Wale is what prompted us to follow SM. We started the movement in Liberia by walking from one ghetto to the other ghetto just to talk to the ghetto youth about the movement. We dedicated ourselves with my man Don Kalon and the rest of the team to various ghettos just to put the youth together to support Shatta Wale.

You see, when it comes to music, Liberia is a country that we don’t discriminate because we’ve got a mixed culture. We’ve got the American culture, life style and the African life style. Aside that, Ghana and Liberia have very tight relationships. Ghana is a country that Liberia look up to. During the war, Ghana was the country that gave us refuge. So Liberia supporting Ghanaian artistes is basically because of the things that have been going on way back, for years”. Badman said.

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He further added that Shatta Wale’s music is a great inspiration for the ghetto youth.

“I will tell you this, the day Shatta Wale will come to Monrovia, it`s going to be something else. Shatta hasn’t been to Liberia yet. He has only been on radio to say he is coming and everybody is desperately waiting, including the president His Excellency George Weah. He wants to meet Shatta Wale and support the movement. We have about 3million Shatta Movement supporters in Liberia”.