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Lesbians Marriage: Miss Argentina, Mariana Varela, And Miss Puerto Rico, Fabiola Valentin Announced Their Secret Union And Social Media Is Awed

A bad day to be a straight man hoping to get one of these women. But hang on, you will never know!

Former Miss Argentina Mariana Varela and Miss Puerto Rico Fabiola Valentin have come public about their relationship after secretly dating for months and tying the knot on October 28th this year.

The two former beauty queens announced their union with a steamy video and social media is wowing and flooding the couple with goodwill messages.

Even straight men didn’t fail to admire the extent to which Mariana and Valentin showed their love for each other. At the same time, these men secretly hope the couple divorce so they get their chance. These are two very attractive, wealthy, and famous women. Of course, men are betrayed!

And as always we have the homophobias crying vainly and calling the wrath of God on Mariana and Valentin. Looks like y’all have to pray harder or just give up and find a life.

ET reports;

Varela and Valentin — crowned Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico in 2020 — announced over the weekend on Instagram that they said “I do” on Oct. 28 and decided to tell the world about it after keeping their relationship a secret. The sweet post is a montage video set to the tune of Jay Wheeler and Noreh’s ballad, “Lugar Seguro.”

The newlyweds are seen showing lots of PDA and their romantic side is also on full display, from carving out a heart and their initials on the beach to rose petals spelling out “I love you” in Spanish. Varela, 26, and Valentin, 22, also offer fans a small insight into the romantic proposal, with giant balloons spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” The apartment where the proposal appeared to happen is also flooded with red and white balloons and candles everywhere. The couple exchanges engagement rings before revealing they got matching diamond rings.

The final shot of the couple shows them outside a courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they appear to have made the wedding official. In the caption, the couple wrote in Spanish, “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors to them on a special day. 28/10/22 ❤️💍✨.”

Valentin later took to her Instagram Story, where she’s seen holding a coffee mug that reads in Spanish, “The best wife in the world.” She added, “Good morning. This is how Mariana wakes me up. How sweet it is to read every message. To everyone, thank you for the kind words and well wishes.”

According to HOLA! magazine, the couple met at the beauty pageant Miss Grand International in 2020. They reportedly struck up a friendship and remained friends after that pageant. Varela represented Argentina at Miss Universe in 2019 and finished in the top 10 at Miss Grand International in 2020. Valentin also finished in the top 10 that year.

Congratulations to Mariana and Valentin, dear straight men, try again later. Better still, marry the broke girls at your disposal.

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