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Lesbian Couple Da Brat And Her Wife Jessica Dupart Expecting Their First Child

Lesbian Couple Da Brat And Her Wife Jessica Dupart Expecting Their First Child

48-year-old rapper Da Brat and her 41-year-old entrepreneur wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart are expecting their first child as a couple. Since Jessica has 3 kids before marrying Da Brat, she said she allowed Brat to have the pregnancy and motherhood experience even though they brawled about it in the beginning.

Da Brat made public her pregnancy after she posted images on Instagram yesterday, almost 28 weeks into her motherhood journey with Jesseca.

The couple seemed thrilled about their journey, especially, Da Brat who is expecting her first-ever child at 48. Da Brat did not do the Rihanna kind of pregnancy revelation, but social media showed their support and congratulated her massively.

Via VladTV;

Da Brat and her wife Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart announced that they are expecting their first child, which Da Brat will be carrying. Da Brat showed off her baby bump alongside Jesseca in an Instagram post on Tuesday (February 21), which she captioned, “BLESSINGS all 2023.” 

Jesseca and Da Brat spoke to People magazine exclusively about the pregnancy, and Jesseca, who had three kids prior to marrying Da Brat in 2022, wanted her wife to experience pregnancy. Jesseca told the publication, “We had a little tug-o-war in the beginning…but I felt like she should have the experience. She is so nurturing.”

Da Brat revealed she suffered a miscarriage prior to her pregnancy, but she revealed that Jesseca had “quite a few of her eggs left” from an egg retrieval procedure. Da Brat is now firmly into her second trimester, which she says is a “blessing.” 

Considering Da Brat’s age and her previous miscarriages, it is fair to say the pregnancy is risky; hopefully, she will pull through.

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