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Lawyers For Menzgold Say They Cannot Pay Customers

Lawyers For Menzgold Say They Cannot Pay Customers

Menzgold customers are angry and hungry but retrieving their locked up funds with the gold dealing firm is just like the Democrats trying all their best to remove President Donald Trump from office──it’s impossible!

Yesterday, there was some good news for Menzgold customers as Nana Appiah Mensah aka NAM1 finally announced the date and payment schedule──which is to happen on Friday, December 27, 2019.

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And today, the 105th bad news has hit customers of Menzgold as Lawyers (Kwame Akufo & Co. Unlimited) for the firm who were directed to pay customers on behalf of Menzgold have come out to say that they cannot pay customers.

Apparently, NAM1 did not consult his Lawyers before making the payment schedule announcement and that’s some kids play if you ask me.

Lawyers of Menzgold in a communiqué say they cannot carry out the instructions──and that they have advised Menzgold to instruct a third party entity to carry out the payment instructions.

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What the heck! Now finding that third-party to carry out the payment instructions is likely to stretch into the middle of 2020.

Customers who invested their hard-earned money directly with Menzgold are now going to be paid by a third-party? I sense some mind games in this whole payment schedule.

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