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Latto Responds To A Twitter Troll Who Dragged Her For Wearing The Same Panties Twice

Latto Responds To A Twitter Troll Who Dragged Her For Wearing The Same Panties Twice

Latto responds to a Twitter troll who called her out for wearing the same cheetah panties twice. The rapper over the years has made known her love for cheetah design panties, but according to the silly troll, wearing the same panty design twice means repeating underwear.

In response, Latto hilarious replied to the troll and called him panty police. Several other fans hopped on and dragged the trolls who were engaging in the craze.

Via XXL;

Latto is clapping back at a Twitter user who tried to call her out for the frequency she wears the same underwear.

On Sunday (Jan. 29), a Twitter user found photos of Latto wearing the same cheetah-print panties and attempted to call the “Big Energy” rapper out with visual evidence. In one photo, she is wearing a red Juicy Couture track suit with her thong exposed, showing a cheetah print waste line. The second photo added to the carousel by the Twitter user shows Latto in jeans and a jean jacket wearing the same style and print of exposed panties.

Can’t afford new panties?” the Twitter user questioned in an apparent attempt to clown the Atlanta MC.

Latto caught wind of the post and sarcastically responded to the slight a few hours later.

“Oh no, it’s the panty police,” she replied to the post.

The two photos in question were taken from Latto’s Instagram account. The first photo in the red outfit was uploaded on Nov. 9, 2022, while the most recent photo was published on Jan. 28. Of course, the internet weighed in on the subject following Lotto’s response.

“Latto wearing the same panties 2 weeks in a row. Chika projecting her OBCD onto other woman. Nicki still on hiatus… it’s been a long day…,” one Twitter user posted.

It’s too early to have the innanet bringing Latto and her years-long favorite leopard panties to my doorstep. i hate y’all,” another person tweeted.

The fact that Twitter is bothering @Latto over seeing her in panties that she’s worn before ‍♂️ Like y’all don’t think the girl owns a washing machine?” someone else tweeted on the topic.

“I know y’all not clocking @Latto panties… y’all mad weird,” reads another post.

Imagine someone thinking that wearing black panties daily means you have only one black panty. Some social media folks are surprisingly dumb, and the fact that they don’t try to hide is insane.

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