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Larsa Pippen Finally Opens Up About Her Rumored Romantic Relationship With Michael Jordan’s Son, Marcus Jordan

After all the one-sided PDAs, mainly from Larsa Pippen, the constant dinners, and public appearances, Larsa says the relationship rumor with Marcus Jordan is false. And we are puzzled!

The 48-year-old mother of 3, Larsa, says her relationship with Marcus Jordan, who is her ex-husband Scottie Pippen‘s rival Michael Jordan‘s son, is purely casual. This is after Larsa has been seen caressing, sm-oching, and touching the 31-year-old in public.

A while back, we reported on Marcus’ refusal to equal Larsa’s PDA. Marcus seemingly was uninterested in all the touching from Larsa. However, it appears Larsa is over the fact that Marcus is not interested in a steamy relationship even though she clearly wants some boning from the young businessman. She’s come to understand that Marcus may not be ready yet.

Via Essentially Sports:

The feud between Chicago Bulls legends Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan is undoubtedly a longstanding one.

Pippen did not accept the narrative that his Bulls’ teammate was always in the spotlight. He blamed Jordan for not giving the whole team, their due in the famous docu-series ‘The Last Dance’. But the feud could be cemented further with the recent rumors that Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen is dating Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus Jordan.

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen was a high-profile relationship in their day. They were married for almost two decades and share four kids together. They finalized their divorce in 2018.

Larsa and Marcus were seen at a restaurant in September 2022. People claimed that they were on a date, sparking rumors and sending fans into a craze after seeing the two together. They were spotted a few times more following their intimate dinner, further fueling the rumors.

“We’re friends. We’ve been friends for a few years now and that’s really what it is. We’re friends,” Larsa told the media at BravoCon 2022

Larsa attempted to put any doubts to bed. But many videos on the Internet have been suggestive of a relationship that is more than a friendship between the two. Their recent PDAs have arguably contrasted Larsa’s claims of being only friends.

Larsa Pippen is a prominent name on reality TV, appearing on Real Housewives of Miami. She was also seen in many episodes alongside the Kardashians. She began her business in fitness and a luxury jewelry brand, establishing herself as an entrepreneur.

Marcus Jordan is also a businessman. His company, called the Trophy Room, deals with sports merchandise. He also played college basketball prior to being in business.

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan had a tumultuous bond. They had an electrifying chemistry on the court and are widely considered to be one of the most dynamic duos in NBA history. They were regarded to be the formula that guided the Bulls to six championships, achieved in two historic three-peats no less. But Pippen commented years later that they have never been friends outside the court.

Pippen was disappointed that the ten-part documentary “glorified” Michael Jordan. According to Pippen, the Bulls’ teammates were shown in poor light in contrast to Jordan.”

What do you make of Larsa’s declaration, is it a means to get the public off their backs?

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