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LaKeith Stanfield And His Wife Trice Stanfield Secretly Wed And Welcome Their First Child Together

LaKeith Stanfield And His Wife Trice Stanfield Secretly Wed And Welcome Their First Child Together

The Harder They Fall actor LaKeith Stanfield and his model wife, 29-year-old Trice Stanfield, just revealed that they tied the knot recently and have also had their first child together as a couple.

31-year-old LaKeith, who already has two kids with another woman Tylor Hurd, shared the news but shared as little as possible in order to protect the newborn from the public eye. However, there are concerns. Trice was never seen pregnant; she has photos from a few months ago with her tummy as flat as always. It is not clear if they had the baby through a surrogate, adoption, or some other way.

Via Media Take Out;

Atlanta actor LaKeith Stanfield and model Kasmere Trice Stanfield recently got married — and they’re the proud parents of a new baby.

And Media Take Out is really excited about the news. But we’re a bit confused, because to the best of our knowledge, Kasmere was never pregnant.

The couple posted pics of a newborn child in the latest issue of people magazine. But it doesn’t appear that Kashmere carried the child, despite being a young woman. The article announcing their new baby did not say how the baby came into the world.

Lakeith a talented actor and musician, 31, and his wife, 29, revealed their marriage and baby news in To People magazine. “There’s life before being a parent, and then there’s life being a parent. It completely changes,” says LaKeith told the magazine.

Lakeith has two daughters, under age 7, from past relationships, and Kasmere is a first-time mom.

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram last December. And according ti Lakeith, they;’ve since married in private and decided they’re ready to open up about their romance and baby news. “

We decided early on we wanted to protect our baby as much as we can for as long as possible,” Kasmere says of their child, whose name and sex they’ve chosen to withhold.

Adds LaKeith: “Being in the public eye can be something that’s amazing, but it can also be something that is very hard on you. There needs to be things that exist that are sacred and not for consumption for everybody.” Their reason for speaking out now: “We want to be the ones to tell our story. We’re bringing our family forward so we may inspire others.”

Despite the lack of clarity, fans are, of course, happy for the new couple and have flooded them with overwhelming good wishes. Being public figures, it must be pleasant to at least share how they had their baby. But they are choosing to be secretive about their lifestyle. However, that report will be out sooner rather than later.

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