Lady Claims She Rejected Ghc76,305 Because The Good Samaritan Who Gave Her The Money Didn’t Smile

Lady Claims She Rejected Ghc76, 305 Because The Good Samaritan Who Gave Her The Money Didn't Smile
Twitter user

A Twitter user Ummul Kulsum has caused a massive debate online after she claimed she rejected 5 million Naira (Ghc76,305) because the Good Samaritan who wanted to give her the money didn’t put on a smiling face.

She said she only accepts money that is given to her willingly but if it sounds it’s not from her benefactor’s free will she would reject it.

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And that is what she did when she was offered 5million Naira. She rejected that huge amount of money because the person who gave her the money didn’t smile. This she said would serve as a lesson to him and others.

She probably didn’t need the money because her reason for rejecting the money is ridiculous.