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Kwesi Arthur Allegedly Involved In A Huge Sex Scandal

Kwesi Arthur Allegedly Involved In A Huge Sex Scandal

It looks like Kwesi Arthur’s life and career are all in a big messy and sinking gradually! The son of a pentecostal who adheres to all the strict rules and principles of the church is allegedly webbed in a huge sex scandal.

Kwesi Arthur’s father is very strict to the extent that he once complained about his dreadlocks which compelled him to cut it down to maintain a normal hairstyle.

And it seems Kwesi Arthur’s father will have a lot to worry and talk about if he admits he’s the young man with dreadlocks releasing some stress on top of a young and pretty lady in his closet.

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For the past few weeks, Kwesi Arthur has been in the news over allegations of using, forcing girls to abort pregnancies and then dumping them in the end but thanks to coronavirus, those allegations never made waves.

Well, well, well, an alleged video of the BET Nominee, Kwesi Arthur, exhibiting his manpower on a young and yet-to-be-identified lady has gone viral on the internet in this coronavirus season.

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No one has been able to point out that it’s Kwesi Arthur but from the look of things and rumours making waves on Twitter, he’s likely to be the energetic young man in the viral video.

It’s been a while since Kwesi Arthur released a banger. I guess he’s been busy releasing it on young ladies.

It’s the more reason why “fix yourself” is trending on Twitter.

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