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Kuami Eugene Also Has A Baby And He’s Hiding Her; Insider Source Reveals

Kuami Eugene Also Has A Baby And He's Hiding Her; Insider Source Reveals

Lynx Entertainment signee, KiDi after 3 years of hiding his handsome son decided to show him to the world and he revealed in an interview with MzGee that he was scared Ghanaians were going to judge him for giving birth at the age 23 hence his decision to hide him from the public.

KiDi is not alone as an insider source tells us that his labelmate, Kuami Eugene is also hiding his baby girl who is a year and a half old.

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Kuami Eugene hasn’t been bold enough to show his baby girl to the world as KiDi has done but I’m sure he will one day surprise his fans with a photo of his adorable baby girl.

Kuami Eugene and KiDi aren’t joking in this life─they are producing good tunes and adorable babies as well.

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Lynx Entertainment signees aren’t joking and congratulations to them for producing good music and babies.

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