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Kodak Black Sentenced To 30 Days In Rehab After Testing Positive For Fentanyl While On Bail

Kodak Black Sentenced To 30 Days In Rehab After Testing Positive For Drug While On Bail

Kodak Black has finally been arrested after he was declared wanted last week.

Kodak was immediately arrested when seen after he failed a drug test while on bail and tested positive for Fentanyl. The notorious rapper is to spend 30 days in rehabilitation despite his lawyer’s insistence that Kodak’s urine sample was mixed up during the lab process.

Well, the judge thinks Kodak’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen‘s claim is BS and hence insists that he serves the 30 days rehab sentence and possibly gets cleaned. It is unlikely that Kodak will ever get cleaned, but judge Judge Barbara Duffy is hopeful, and we admire his optimism.

Via VladTV;

Last week, a Broward County circuit Judge signed off on an arrest warrant for Kodak Black (Bill Kahan Kapri). The Pompano Beach-based rapper reportedly failed a drug test for fentanyl back on February 8th, therefore, igniting a court order in his name upon the request of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. On Tuesday morning, Kodak Black appeared in a Broward County courthouse wearing a fluorescent yellow and rose-colored suit. According to reports, the 25-year-old’s defense attorney, Attorney Bradford Cohen, refuted claims that his client failed the aforementioned drug test, sighting the potential of a lab mix-up among urine samples. 

In the end, Judge Barbara Duffy determined that Kodak Black must check into drug rehabilitation for 30 days. His stint will begin shortly after his live performance in California this weekend at Rolling Loud.

Too bad Donald Trump is not the president to intervene on Kodak’s behalf.

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