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Kodak Black Biography And Net Worth

Kodak black biography and net worth

Who is Kodak Black?

Bill Kahan Kapri known in the showbiz world as Kodak Black is probably one of the most talented young artists to have sprung from Florida.

Although always in the news for wrongdoings, his hard work has also earned him a top spot on the Billboard chart on several occasions.

Due to his notorious lifestyle, he has always had problems with the law from the possession of weapons to engaging in illicit drug activities.

Today we are going to look at the biography and net worth of rapper Kodak black:

Full Name: Bill Kahan Kapri
Date of birth:11th June 1997
Net worth: $2 million
Occupation: Rapper and singer

Early life

Born in the city of Florida to immigrant Haiti parents, Kodak Black was raised fully by her mother who saw to his enrollment in basic school.

He discovered his rap talent right in childhood and use to perform at his school’s entertainment programs. His educational life was cut short due to his regular involvement in theft activities and also bullying.


He came up with his first demo project baby under the group Kolyons then a mixtape heart of the project. He gained global prominence after the rapper drake posted a video of himself jamming to his Skrt song.

The song then got the attention of record label Atlantic records who choose to sign him to promote his crafts. He had his first feature with Moroccan-American rapper French Montana, a song that actually enjoyed massive airplay and topped several music charts.

His song Skrt also began enjoying airplay and was also placed first on the Billboard charts. He along the line released his E.P Painting Pictures which was completely sold out upon its release and also took the third position on Billboard Charts.

Legal issues

As someone on notoriety for always causing trouble, Kodak Black has on several occasions had problems with the law.

He was first arrested for engaging in burglar activities and also being in the possession of drugs. He was also made to spend months behind the bars for sexually molesting a lady.

He was arrested for flaunting a gun on his Instagram page in the company of a Lil kid. He was once sued by an event organizer for failing to appear at a show which he was billed for.

Charitable deeds

Despite the bad tag attached to his name, he is a kind-hearted person who has donated several times to support a cause. He is known for always donating to support educational projects.

Net worth

Kodak Black is currently worth $2 million despite being involved in several legal battles. He reportedly made his money from his music sales and also his numerous tours across the world.

He is on record to be one of the young artists to have a sold-out album just a few days after its release.

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