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Kim Kardashian Praises Khloe Kardashian For Her Drastic Weight lost As She Breathlessly Tries 2023 Met Gala Outfit

Kim Kardashian Praises Khloe Kardashian For Her Drastic Weight lost As She Breathlessly Tries 2023 Met Gala Outfit

Khloe Kardashian is set to make her first appearance at the 2023 Met Gala and according to Kim Kardashian, Khloe’s divorce helped with an enviable weight loss.

Kim admits her other Kendall Kardashian was worried about Khloe’s drastic weight loss during her divorce. But Kim certainly is impressed at her sister’s skinny look and showered her with praise. Perhaps the divorce was a blessing if it helped Khloe lose weight to fit into outfits.

Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott shared the same sentiments and added, hailing Khloe that, she is tinnier than the models repping the show that night (1st May) so she should be proud of herself. Meanwhile, all these supposed praises did not help with Khloe’s anxiety and inferiority complex. As she admits, she struggles to accept her body, especially her height.

She further explained that her anxiety made it impossible for her to show up at events like her sisters. But since she’s a pushover Kim is dragging her a** next year. I’m sure Kim is tagging Khloe along because she has lost enough weight and that is regarded pretty by them. Well, she still complained of difficulty in breathing as she tried the dress on even with the bony looks.

Via Toofab:

Khloe Kardashian is receiving new reactions to her weight loss.

In a recent episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” Kim Kardashian gushed about her younger sister’s new transformation during a fitting for Khloe’s debut at her first Met Gala.

“You are skinnier than ever,” the 42-year-old Skims mogul said while Khloe tried on her gold form-fitting Moschino gown. She later told the 38-year-old she was a “skinny mini” after she fit into the final look she would wear to fashion’s biggest night in May.

Creative director for Moschino, Jeremy Scott, agreed with Kim’s sentiments. He remarked, “Your measurements are skinnier than the models who would do the show. You should know that — that little waist is teensy itsy bitsy.”

Khloe noted, “I can’t breathe but that’s fine,” once the gown was fitted to her body while Kim called the dress “so beautiful.”

When the recent mom of two began to insist she’s too tall, Scott reassured, “You are not too tall. You are perfect. These gorgeous long legs, please, heaven.”

During a confessional, Khloe admitted she’s dealt with anxiety about participating in big red carpets which was why she’d declined invitations to the Met Gala in the past.

“I’m not big on red carpets. I think I’ve made that very clear, but good old Kimberly has a way with words and I am also sort of a pushover when it comes to some things, so I guess I allowed her to push me over,” she said.

Kim previously shared concern with her sister’s drastic weight loss during the thick of the drama surrounding Tristan earlier this season.

“You look very skinny. I will say that Kendall [Jenner] and Kylie [Jenner] — not that I’m trying to out them — but they did text me and say that they were a little concerned for you because you’re really skinny,” the KKW Beauty founder pointed out in a September episode.

Khloe seemed to take the concern as a compliment as she interjected, “And Kendall said it? The model?” to which Kim confirmed, “Kendall said it, and so I said, ‘No, guys, she’s fine.’

“And I said, ‘You absolutely have every right to be concerned, but I’m telling you, she’s fine,'” she concluded.

These people set unrealistic beauty standards for themselves that they don’t realize when they are hurting and putting pressure on each other. After all the plastic surgeries, they still walk around with anxiety.

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