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Kim Kardashian Obtains Restraining Order Against Another Stalker Named Jomonie Victor Zigler

Kim Kardashian Obtains A Restraining Order Against Odd Stalker Andre Persaud

Just last month Kim Kardashian obtained a restraining order against her stalker Andre Persaud who stalked her severally, requested telepathic communication, and even threatened her with a gun.

Barely a month after that, Kim again has another crazy stalker and she has been granted another restraining order against her new stalker named Jomonie Victor Zigler. Although weird and with a criminal history, Jomonie seems to be a calmer stalker compared to Andre Persaud.

According to documents obtained, the 28-year-old stalker visited Kim in her home on multiple occasions, sent Kim gifts, (including a diamond ring and plan B,) posted explicit images of Kim online, and also, calls her his wife. The crazy dude is obsessed with the plastic body.

Well, gladly, Kim and her lawyers went to court and obtained a temporal restraining order against Jomonie while they await the next hearing. Because the weird and crazy stalker has a criminal history, the court has banned him from using firearms.

Via TMZ;

Kim Kardashian has been granted a temporary restraining order against a man who has allegedly come to her house multiple times, calls her his “wife” and even sent a ring.

The docs, obtained by TMZ, claim Jomonie Victor Zigler first made contact with Kim in December — making multiple visits to her home (only to be stopped by security), posting explicit messages about her online and referring to her as his wife.

In the docs, filed by Kim’s attorney, Shawn Holley, Kim claims Zigler has also sent items to her home … including a diamond ring and keys to a hotel room.

What’s equally scary — Kim says Zigler has a criminal history that includes firearms and threats … she says his actions have caused emotional distress.

Apparently, a judge agrees, because they signed off on the temporary restraining order against the 28-year-old until a hearing, scheduled for next month.

TMZ broke the story, Kim was granted a 3-year restraining order against another guy named Charles Peter Zelenoff back in 2021 … after claiming he was obsessed with her, expressing odd desires to be together, and even sending a diamond ring — as well as Plan B.

Kim Kardashian has money to hire a Grammy-winning pianist in her home, but she can’t get enough security to scare these weird stalkers away from her home. That’s surprising.

Here is a picture of Jomonie Victor Zigler’s diamond ring and Plan B to Kim Kardashian:

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