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Kim Kardashian Livid After Her 2 Notorious Exes Kanye West And Ray J Hang Out Together

Kim Kardashian appears to be saddened by Kanye West‘s recent outburst, Especially YE and Ray J‘s recent meet-up. Despite her personal history of creating silly public stunts, suddenly Kim is concerned about YE’s drama. After pictures of Kim‘s two notorious exes, Ray J and YE stormed the internet, Kim is concerned wondering what the two must be plotting against her. Hold on Kim, YE has lots of enemies now, not everything is about you!

According to the report Kim is in fear thinking Ye and Ray J’s meeting might revive her s-x tape scandal. The very tape she and her mother recorded for fame and money and are still earning from.

Kim K claims her kids are worried about their father and his recent actions are affecting them hence her fret.

Media Take Out reports that:

Kim Kardashian is reportedly not happy after pictures of Ray J and Kanye West together hit the internet.

“Kim doesn’t get what Ray’s end game is here. She thinks he’s being disrespectful and wishes he would move on already,” an insider told HollywoodLife. “Kim doesn’t understand why he would want to pursue this drama so much when he claims how much he hates it. She has decided to tune him out and remain focused on the things in her life that matter to her.”

There are reports that Ye is now finally making moves to finalize his divorce with Kim after trashing her in several recent interviews.

“Kim was not happy to see Ray J trying to get close to Kanye,” a second source added. “Poor Kim is sick to her stomach over everything that’s going on with Kanye right now. But she’s got to keep a smile on her face and act like she’s fine. Because the last thing she wants is for her kids to be upset by any of this. They love their dad so much and she feels the need to protect them from anything negative about him, no matter what he puts her through personally. That’s just the kind of mom she is. So, the fact that Ray J is trying to stir the pot right now is not appreciated, to say the least.”

The worst Kanye and Ray J can do is talk about Kim’s s-x tape. The very tape she and Momager took a strong part in making. Kim can relax and chill since not everything is about her fake a**!

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