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Kim Kardashian Blasts Kanye West And Calls Him To Stop His Anti-Semitic Rants Immediately

Kim Kardashian Blasts Kanye West And Calls Him To Stop His Anti-Semitic Rants Immediately

Apart from Kanye West losing major deals due to his anti-Semitic comments, Kim Kardashian is the latest to drag him on his sh-t demanding that Ye cease his offensive comments about the Jewish community immediately. And we are wondering if Kim doesn’t know she’s the last person Ye will listen to, especially when you and your family have done worst.

Well, wondering why Kim is trying to be the main character despite her ongoing messy divorce from Ye and the constant attacks she gets from Ye herself, Pop singer Boy George believes Kim’s voice will make some difference and called her out to add her voice to the ongoing brouhaha.

And damn! Kim didn’t spare her future ex-husband. She failed to comment on Ye’s mental state but did exactly what Boy George asks her to do, condemn Ye.

Expect Kanye West to lash out at Kim Kardashian for calling him out on his BS.

Via Media Take Out:

Kim Kardashian has publicly condemned her husband Kanye West’s anti-semitic rants.

“I stand together with the Jewish community. And call on the terrible violence and hateful rhetoric towards them to come to an immediate end”.

After West threatened to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.” Pop singer Boy George slammed Kim for not speaking out.

“I’m appalled that Kim Kardashian hasn’t come out and added her voice to this debate. Because this woman has children with Kanye. So she must understand as a mother what it feels like for little Jewish children to hear these f-cking comments, how demoralizing and terrifying it must be,” he said in a video. “As a gay man I have experienced years of prejudice, so the idea of doing that to someone else based on their race or their color or their sexuality or their gender is just f-cking appalling to me, and it should be appalling to you.”

What do you make of Kim‘s statement, is it enough to scare Ye?

And here is Kim calling Kanye West out on his BS:

This is the video of pop singer Boy George slamming Kim Kardashian for not calling YE on his BS:

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